Youth Sustainability Film Programme

Journey To Sustainability

Road to Zero, a youth sustainability film programme, supports young filmmakers in the creation of meaningful short films centered around zero waste.


Go behind-the-scenes with young filmmakers as they go on a green learning journey with industry partners and bring their film concepts to life with the guidance of their mentors.

Our Winning Filmmakers

To spark sustainability conversations in Singapore, we look at how some of our green advocates reduce waste creatively in their own ways.


Watch as 3 young filmmakers bring their stories to life.

Calling all youths

Viddsee and the National Environment Agency (NEA) invite all youths aged 15-35 to submit your film concept on the topic of Zero Waste.


Your film idea could be one of the 3 winning concepts selected to be made into a short documentary! Each winning concept will be supported with a production budget of SGD $8000 and a cash prize of SGD $4000!


Work together with the Viddsee Studios team and 3 experienced documentary filmmakers as they guide you through the development and production of your story.

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Kenneth Cheong

Kenneth Cheong is a director with a strong focus on exploring the underdog theme. He has worked extensively with multiple broadcast networks, cable channels and streaming platforms over the years. Most notable, History Channel, AXN, HGTV, Fox International, National Geographic, CNA and Viddsee.

He is recognised with awards internationally throughout the years. Beyond the world of narrative and factual, he is also a commercial director working with multi-national companies like Estee Lauder, Nivea, Tefal, Salem, Bifesta, Eucerin, Roche, Varian and multiple government agencies.

In his most recent web series in 2021, 'Tiny Garden', he has won awards in Germany, London, Toronto, Los Angeles, Rio and Sydney. Working out of Asia, he is familiar with her many quirks and nuances. Kenneth is ever ready to take on genre-defining stories.

Kenneth Chan

A believer in the power of research in storytelling, Kenneth Chan has directed and written multiple documentaries and commercial projects with brands like Viddsee, Singapore Tourism Board, National University of Singapore, Jetstar, and AWWA.

His films are always about finding fresh perspectives to reveal stories beneath the surface of familiarity; crafting narratives that are compelling, intimate, and authentic.

Kenneth co-founded Hatched Productions in 2019 after graduating from Nanyang Technical University with a bachelor in communications studies producing insightful documentaries like “Craft of Art” (2020), a series that showcases the depth and diversity of human creativity of artists in Singapore, and “Through the Lens” (2021), a series that reframes the beauty of Singapore through a photographer’s eye.

Eileen Chong

Eileen Chong is a documentary director, best known for her socially-driven documentaries exploring topics such empowerment as well as bringing “darker issues into light” such as social conditioning and prejudice. Eileen mission is to use film to raise awareness and positively impact society.

Her short films have been viewed and shared thousands of times across Social media, eliciting community support and over $100,000 in donations for local causes.

Her latest work with Viddsee include "Letters to God" season 1 and 2 and 3, she also collaborated with DBS on "In Good Hands" and Community Chest in "Add a new story".